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What Is RippitBox?

The awesomest weed box subscription based in NY. Each month, get a hand picked theme with 5-9 seriously useful smoking accessories (depending on Subscription size) like premium glass pipes & bongsdab rigsrolling papersrolling trays, snacks, and so much more! Items are carefully hand-picked or designed by the RippitBox Stoner experts.

RippitBox for a Cause

A portion of our revenue will be donated to a charity of our choice each year. Please visit our RippitBox for a Cause Page for more info...

Made for Stoners by Stoners.

Weed Subscription Box

Bringing craft accessories right to your door.


RippitBox... the only place to get the coolest RippitGear. Made for Stoners by Stoners. Based in NY, we strive to be the best at what we do, what we deliver, and what we achieve. We understand the need for the coolest accessories and neatest smoking gear. We strive to source the best quality products to be delivered right to your door. No need to head to the smokeshop. We got you.

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